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Our Beginnings

Cenla Cat Project (CCP) was founded in January 2017 by a small group of cat lovers who want to make a difference.  We were disturbed by the number of homeless cats, the number of cats in shelters, the amount of cats killed in shelters, and the volume of cats that were turned out to fend for themselves by uncaring owners. Instead of saying, “Somebody needs to do something,” we are doing something.  We all had prior experience in working with pet rescue, and started CCP with eyes open and knowing the challenges we would face. We were able to have a local veterinary clinic help us with discount spay/neuter and medical care.  With veterinary advice we developed care protocols to keep our kitties stay healthy.  We are very hands-on with care of our kitties.  We are committed to having healthy, happy kitties find forever homes.  We set a goal of 50 cat adoptions our first year, and we have exceed that goal. Not bad for a small foster based rescue. 

Our Future

Our history is short, but we are looking forward to a long future filled with great cat adoptions, a cat adoption center, and a spay/neuter clinic (for dogs and cats). The only way we can accomplish these goals is with community support through donations both monetary and service.

Why are we needed

There are several humane societies in the Cenla area, but none of them emphasize the feline population. We will work with the homeless feline population, as well as cats that are owned and unaltered. These unaltered felines perpetuate the exponential growth of the feline population. The government response to residents complaints about free roaming cats is to trap and euthanize these homeless cats. We propose a more humane plan.

Our plan

  • To place socialized cats into homes through adoption.

  • To place feral felines as “barn” cats in rural / industrial areas or with the cooperation of the human community return to community maintained colonies.

  • To assist people in having felines altered and feline maintenance.

  • To educate young people in the care of felines and the importance of sterilization.

  • To educate the general public how sterilization of un-homed cats help control the growth of those populations.

What are our programs

Programs include feline adoption, education on care and importance of population
control, working with communities / neighborhoods to setup community feline management.

Who do we work with


  • Local veterinarians and low cost sterilization clinics

  • Local pet stores

  • Volunteers

  • Local governmental animal shelters

What do we need

  • Veterinary partners to alter, administer rabies and assist with providing health care to sick and injured cats

  • Volunteers to foster, transport cats to Veterinary appointments, assist/run adoption events

  • Support of the community with donations of money, food, cleaning supplies, etc.

  • Local news media to promote the mission of CCP

  • Social Media

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