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    Our Mission
Cenla Cat Project is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) EIN 81-4991734 public charity whose mission is to be part of the humane solution to feline overpopulation and homelessness in Cenla (Central Louisiana).
Our Goals


  • Reduce the number of homeless cats and shelter cats without the use of euthanasia.

  • Create a cat adoption center where a community member may come to interact with cats and adopt.

  • Assist the community with low cost sterilization of their cats.

  • Encourage and assist the community members to responsibly re-home unwanted cats and kittens rather than releasing them to the outdoors.​

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Blythe, aka BooBoo, is a stunning 3 year old, calico/tabby. She has the biggest, brightest most captivating gold eyes. When looking at you, you can see her thinking how to trick you into giving her a treat. She loves eating treats from your hand. Her favorite treats are crunchy milk treats, freeze dried chicken, and all canned food. Because of her shy nature, she will hide out until she feels secure. Since BooBoo is so food motivated a treat of canned food will encourage her to come out.